Finding God Faithful: A Study on the Life of Joseph

Date: Mondays
Minister Vivian Slaughter-Mitchell and Lady Sylvia Harris                 

Description: Over 8 sessions, women will trace the path of Joseph’s life in the Book of Genesis to observe how God’s sovereignty reigns, even in our darkest moments. They will learn to recognize when God is working during periods of waiting, trust God’s plan when life doesn’t make sense, and rest in the sufficiency of His presence in every circumstance. His provision is enough, His presence is constant, and His purpose is unstoppable.

Duration: 8 sessions | January 25- March 15, 2021
Fees: $15


Explore the Bible: The Gospel According to Luke 

Date: Tuesdays
Reverend Dr. Keith Harris /Reverend Ronnie Henry                    
Adult Corporate

Description: Explore the Bible: The Book of Luke will encourage adult participants to go deep into the context of God’s Word and challenge them to live it out in their own context.  Through this study, participants will be able to:

Understand the original intent of God’s Word, digging deep into the historical and cultural context of Scripture to best frame how the text fits within the whole Bible and our lives.

Grow in our Bible study skills and build a routine through sustainable personal Bible skills and disciplines that last a lifetime.

Know and live Scripture.  God’s word is alive, and this study will equip participants to not just know Scripture, but to live it outwardly to the World around them.

These goals will be accomplished through our Winter study of the Book of Luke.

Duration: 13 weeks | January 5- April 20, 2021 
Fees: $4


XP3: Middle/High School Students

Date: Wednesdays
Minister Michelle Early        

Description: When one of the disciples of Jesus asked the question, “Which is the greatest commandment in the law?” Jesus responded, ““You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the great and first commandment.  And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

Through our Fall Bible Study series for youth and teens, our students will learn just that, love God, love others, and love self.  This is what we call XP3, representing the 3 relationships mentioned in the greatest commandment.

Everything we do is organized through these 3 relationships, and we want students to grow in their faith and experience with these three relationships.  We want students to experience a love for God that will inspire deeper faith, a love for themselves that will lead to wiser choices and a love for others that will build stronger relationships.

In the Fall Session, students will focus on the following series of studies:
The Bible – 2 Timothy 3:16
Comparison – Romans 12:2
Family – John 13:35
A Talk About Arguing – James 1:19.

Duration: Ongoing
Fees: Free for HCFC members


Indescribable/Block Party/ Off Stage

Date: Wednesdays
Sis. Ionie Martin                  

Description: As parents, we want our youth to grow to make wise choices, build stronger relationships, and develop a deeper faith.  This is exactly what our Youth Bible Study is aimed to do!

During our Fall session, youth will see God’s indescribable creativity. Everything around us gives us a glimpse of our creative God. Jesus was creative with
the way He taught and the miracles He performed. We reflect God’s creativity to the world around us, and our creativity is not based on talent or skill.  It is based on the fact that God created us after the image of Jesus Christ, who is full of creativity!

Additionally, our youth will explore the following topics:

Block Party – Jesus showed us the greatest example of love when He laid down His life for His friends.  With His words and actions, He showed friendship to everyone he met.  We can reflect Jesus’ love best when we treat one another with friendship.

Offstage – Because we know that God is good, we can live life with integrity.  Who we are in private should match who we are in public.  When we trust in God, we can be fruitful in whatever we say and do

Duration: 13 weeks | September 16- December 23,2020
Fees: Free for HCFC Members


Friendship In Marriage: The Secret For Staying Connected For A Lifetime

Date: Monthly, Second Saturdays
Bro. Walter and Deaconess Pam Rose / Deacon Edwin and Sis. Renee Billips  
Biblically Married Couples

Description: A great friendship in marriage won't happen by accident. You won't drift into it." Friendship in marriage is foundational, but how do you grow closer, maintain closeness, and build on that foundation?

During our time together, Biblically married and engaged couples will reflect on, share, and learn practical ways to create and celebrate a life-long friendship with your spouse.

Some of the topics to be explored through this series include:
The Value
Getting Sticky
Watching Out For Little Foxes
Dating in Marriage
Date Night Foreplay
Celebrating Friendship in Marriage

Duration: 9 sessions | October 10, 2020 - June 12, 2021
Fees: $20 per couple, $10 individually


33 The Series: A Man and His Marriage

Date: Monthly, First and Third Saturdays
Reverend Dr. Scot Thomas/ Reverend Ronnie Henry                 

Description: 33 The Series is designed to inspire and equip men to pursue Authentic Manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ in the 33 years He lived on earth.

Some of the series men will explore during these studies include:
A Man and His Marriage
A Man and His Fatherhood
A Man and His Work
A Man and His Traps
A Man and His Story
A Man and His Design

Several other topics will be discussed and explored.

Duration: Ongoing
Fees: No cost; nominal fees may be requested and discussed.