What We Believe

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God. Therefore we submit our reason and will to the authority of Scripture.
  • There is one eternal, Holy God; infinite, personal and knowable, who has revealed Himself in the Trinity of three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit…each of Whom possesses all of the attributes of deity.
  • Jesus Christ, the Son of God, fully human and fully divine, was born of a virgin and was sinless in nature and life. He died on the Cross bearing the penalty for our sins, then rose victoriously over death from the grave. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, plus nothing, is the Gospel.
  • The Holy Spirit is our Comforter and Counselor who guides us into all truth. He convicts us of sin and guides us toward the Savior, and also imparts gifts to every believer for works of ministry.
  • Full devotion to Jesus as Lord is our joyful response to God’s gift of salvation. Genuine discipleship to Christ flows from our security in Christ. It is the Spirit-led fruit of receiving Christ’s salvation, never the root of salvation.
  • We are a part of the universal Body of Christ…all those who trust Jesus as Lord and Savior. In obedience to Christ we express our faith in Him through the signs of the New Covenant: Believer’s Baptism by immersion in water and celebration of the Lord’s Supper.
  • The Kingdom of God ushered in by Christ at His first Advent, will be fully realized (visibly and physically) at His Second Coming. Christ will appear in glory to end human suffering, to resurrect the dead, to receive all those who are His and to destroy those who refuse His salvation.

Our Mission

At Hope Christian Fellowship Church we are a body of mature believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, transformed through dynamic worship, fellowship, prayer, and evangelism, steadfastly, sowing seeds to reclaim the world for The Savior!

a hope-filled connection to people with our Creator.
We believe that people are made to be in a personal relationship with the God who created them, through Jesus Christ.

the lives of people so they will find a purpose worth living for.
We believe that people are made to actively participate in building meaningful relationships through Godly fellowship and service, fervent prayer and dynamic worship.

souls of the world for The Savior!
We believe that people are made to participate with God to change the world and build His Kingdom for eternity—one soul at a time.

Our Vision

Hope Christian Fellowship Church is a catalyst for kingdom growth and expansion beyond the local church paradigm. In order to facilitate continual ministry and spiritual growth and development, we serve the community by aligning new initiatives to impact personal and community development, Christian Education, and stability in families throughout our community. We also leverage local church engagement in community outreach efforts to meet the immediate needs of the poor, disenfranchised and misunderstood. To ensure ongoing ministry, spiritual growth and development, we develop leadership readiness such that necessary key leadership transitions occur at the moment the need arises.

Our Values

  • Bible-centered preaching/teaching
  • Fellowship/community
  • Dynamic praise and worship
  • Commitment to growing disciples
  • Giving/tithing
  • Godly servant leadership
  • Christian education for all ages
  • Intercessory prayer
  • Ministering to the poor and disenfranchised

What To Expect

Service & Times

Worship Service

9:30 AM

Corporate Bible Study

7:00 PM

Holy Communion and Baptism Service

First Wednesdays